Come on over!

Which country has fake bus stops? Where can you get plane tickets from the government? Where are ferrets stuffed down trousers? A new card game called Come On Over! knows all the answers to some of the more bizarre – and enlightening facts about Europe.

Created by 32-year-old Katharina Moser, business partner Francois Lang and designer Felix Auer, the game is a way of celebrating diversity and ‘Europeanness’ through humour. While the news agenda has created a debate about whether or not countries like Britain should stay in the EU or not, Moser felt like it was important to educate people with over 100 weird and wonderful facts that the 28 countries in the EU have to offer.

Moser says, “There is an anti-EU feeling pretty much everywhere in Europe, in some regions stronger than in others. We want to support these institutions by offering them Come On Over! as a communication tool that they can use in order to start an exchange on the topic of Europe.”

According to Moser, “Come On Over! is the starting point for a discussion on your own knowledge, your own experiences and your own (stereotypical) perceptions of other European countries and its people, and it is also a chance to rethink some of these stereotypes. We have between three and five absurd facts on each EU country in the game and some of them will be surprising, amusing, irritating. We can create bridges through humour”.

You can buy the game here

Come On Over took part in Impact Hub’s 1001istanbul hackathon