Dream Nation recommends 5 initiatives you should know

Yulia Laricheva is the founder of Dream Nation, a multi-media agency that promotes diversity led ideas, women and social impact.

She shared with us some of her favorite social initiatives, including a camp for girls to learn STEAM curriculum and a training program that develops women in Afghanistan to become leaders, through the sport of mountain climbing.

Women Women Tech is an ecosystem that explores the intersectionality of being human within STEAM industries (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics.)

Their mission is to highlight, celebrate and educate women who are underrepresented in STEAM industries. Wonder Women Tech produces conferences, events and workshops, bringing together change-makers, pioneers, innovators, and high-level speakers and attendees to explore ideas, discussions, and solutions for women and the underrepresented to succeed and thrive.

Fund Dreamer is the world’s first 101% crowdfunding platform for women. They don’t charge any fees to women-led campaigns, allowing them keep 100% of their fundraising goals and matching 1% to funds raised. Fund Dreamer’s mission is to eradicate inequality in funding for women and provide a comprehensive community boost to fulfill dreams.

Fund Dreamer
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Ascend Athletics develops young women of Afghanistan into leaders through service and the sport of mountain climbing. Short term goals include achieving tangible climbing feats, of known peaks and first ascents. The long term goal is to develop a cadre of strong female role models and leaders who are equipped and motivated to help their society transition to peace. Ascend Athletics’ team members occupy a unique space in Afghan culture; they are role models because of their climbing achievements as well as their civic contributions.

Ascend Athletics
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Broadway for All’s mission is to transform the American stage and screen to reflect the diversity of America. The program trains teens from all income levels and ethnic backgrounds in a world-class conservatory led by professionals from the Broadway, television, and film industries. They are working towards a new generation of artists, leaders, and advocates who are impassioned to create inclusive work for all.

EmpowHer Institute is a non-profit organization whose mission is to empower marginalized girls in Los Angeles by providing education, training and mentorship. The Institute exposes the girls to leadership and STEM through programs, field trips and mentors. The organization reduces the high school dropout rate for teen girls who are at risk of educational failure due to pregnancy, truancy, and juvenile delinquency.

EmpowHer Institute
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