Lifting the fog of misunderstanding around homelessness

The impetus for Stories Behind The Fog is to challenge a single-minded view of homelessness by rendering its entire spectrum, one story at a time.

When ‘the homeless’ become a generic label in our minds, we have a hard time seeing the individuality  –  the unique and complex story  – of every single person living on the streets. In a metaphorical way, this stereotype blocks our perception of the countless nuances of homelessness, just like the iconic fog of San Francisco shrouds the city from onlookers.

Based on our personal experience with Moses, the unhoused man from San Francisco who inspired this project, we learned that human interaction has the potential to change people’s lives.

That’s why we not only share stories, but also encourage other storytellers to connect with the people we feature and take their narratives further, through any form of art. We believe these stories have the power to make the public connect with one of our most critical domestic issues, and to add to the dialogue on homelessness held by politicians, public and private agencies, educators and activists.

SBTF originated in San Francisco, California, where we are documenting and collecting the stories of one hundred people who have experienced or been affected by homelessness in the Bay Area. Our process to gather stories involves the collaboration of documentary writers and photographers, and homeless advocates. Partnering with homeless outreach organizations to help facilitate connection, each story is collected with an individual field interview by one of several photographers and writers.

Stories Behind The Fog has been created by Free Range Puppies, a San Francisco-based creative shop sprinkling their love for storytelling across films, campaigns and interactive projects that stand for a meaningful world.

“Now I have the smile and the nails of the airline stewardess I always wanted to be.” – Dianna
@ Stories Behind the Fog
"I'd much rather be homeless than a victim of domestic violence." – Queen
@ Stories Behind the Fog
“I told the devil: Here’s your needle back.” – Indian Joe
@ Stories Behind the Fog
“I’m gonna take repairing computer and a self-defense taekwondo class, because I’m scared people will find me pretty and hurt me.” – Terry
@ Stories Behind the Fog

Red Bull Amaphiko has partnered with Atlas of the Future, an online magazine dedicated to showcasing innovative projects with lasting social impact. Given our similar missions, we’ve teamed up to share each other’s stories.

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