The self-filling water bottle

The Earth’s atmosphere contains mostly unexploited freshwater and Fontus is an attempt to discover these resources. The self-filling water bottle is vapourware in every sense of the word. An award-winning piece of design, it works by condensing moisture from air, creating safe drinking water generated by solar power.

In recent years, we’ve seen air to water machine innovations such as AirWater Corp and Warka Water, which captures potable water from the air by collecting rain, harvesting fog and dew for rural communities in Ethiopia. But the ability to do so on demand and on-the-go could be a big deal for just about anyone with limited access to clean drinking water.

With its two models, the Airo and the cycling-specific Ryde, Fontus has smashed its initial crowdfunding goal by 1,154 percent. And this is how it works:

This article was originally published in Atlas of the Future.

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