18 Gangster Museum

A creative and innovative alternative in curbing gangsterism

The problem we aim to solve:

Gangsterism and the recruitment of young children into gangs.

The solution our project offers:

A museum that shows youth the consequences of their choices.

The impact our project had so far:

To date 4700 adults and 3500 children have visited the museum.

Creatively curbing gangsterism "18 Gangster Museum "

Innovation that heals a society

Why we do this:

We have seen many of our friends, family members and collegues being victims of gangs. This caused a lot of pain for their families and the whole community.

I felt like I had to take initiative on that. I believe with a collective effort and more awareness we can work against gangsterism.

What is the 18 Gangster Museum?

It is a live interactive museum. A creative medium to curb gangsterism. The project sees ex-gangsters create and curate art for museum exhibitions. Young South Africans are then invited to take a tour lead by an ex-gangster who can shine light on the gangsterism crisis. It is not to idealise or glorify gangsters but instead to teach children about the dangers of gang life. They believe the mind is a powerful tool. Once you work with the mind and start actually educating people, they will make informed decisions.

18 Gangster Museum’s exhibitions are curated by ex-offenders, while these former gang members also lead visitors on “gangster tours’ through the townships they live in. This not only gives a vivid first-person view of the detrimental effect that gangsterism can have on people’s lives, but also provides a way for ex gangsters to be rehabilitated, gain meaningful employment and give something back to their communities.

Gangsterism is a devastating problem in Cape Town’s townships and disadvantaged communities, with children as young as 12 being lured into gangs and a life of crime. But the 18 Gangster Museum initiative aims to demystify the lifestyle through educational exhibitions and “gangster tours”.


  • 25 reformed gangsters
  • 8 Exhibitions with the museum
  • 2 open dialoge events
  • Comedy events about gangsterism
  • 2 Book donation events by reformed gangsters
  • Reading competition
18 Gangster Museum exhibit at the Arts Cape Theatre.
The bad side of the exhibition. If you choose gangsterism.
The good side of the exhibition. If you don't choose gangsterism.

“After we have exhibited in EVERY township we plan on to have our own fixed museum.”

Wandisile, Founder
Awareness Campaigns "Don't waste potential" & "Born into Captivity"


Website: www.18gm.co.za

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