A Baltimore's Girl Story

My project is to create another approach to teaching self- awareness, self-development, and self-love to young girls.

The problem we aim to solve:

To help one to discover who they are so that they can stay focused on their journey working towards their destiny. Some examples of our activities are Self-Development vision boards, Mirror Challenge activity, and Positive Affirmation activities. All these activities are performed at our seminars.

The solution our project offers:

The mission is to encourage teens to take a more substantive approach to self-awareness and self-love through empowerment seminars, motivational speaking, and self-worth activities. Also, by providing complimentary hair care services to all members.

The impact our project had so far:

Their demeanor have become more positive in their making better decisions and also intentionally making positive changes

As a young entrepreneur servicing women from all walks of life, has motivated me to serve those in need. I’ve built relationships with my younger clients by having intimate conversations with them about their living situations, school,depression, identity, acceptance and other issues in my community. I discovered that this is something that I believe I can approach with positive results. I don’t have anything to lose. The long term impact I intend to have is to make this project national. A Baltimore’s Girl Story will turn into a social change around the world and eventually fund itself. I have a passion for helping young girls in my community church, my neighborhood, community schools, and non profit organizations such as Humanim. I want to make a social impact in my society as well as other societies. I also want to seize opportunities that others missed out on. My goal is create solutions that will change our community and produce longevity with positive results. My vision is to also cause others to engage and inspire others .

servicing 6,7 and 8th graders by offering them basic hair care services to improve their self-esteem and their appearance
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No one can take away your know.

It's imperative to believe what you are worthy of
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Some personal hygiene an hair kits for them to use over the summer
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Personal hygiene an hair kits for the girls to use over the summer
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Pamphlets that came inside their kits to help them with their future
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