The project supplies wireless energy for mobile devices remotely from ambient signals through the AEON Power Bag.

The problem we aim to solve:

Lack of access to electricity in rural communities, which limits the usage of mobile devices such as phones and tablets

The solution our project offers:

Our product converts telecoms signals into electricity to power mobile devices of rural school kids.

The impact our project had so far:

The prototype has been tested, is currently being refined and packaged, with a pilot planned for 2018.

Epochip Technologies Est. 2012, it is an consumer electronics early stage start up company operating in green energy space. It specializes in long range wireless energy for mobile devices for smartphones, tablets and eventually laptops.
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Our social impact model is based around basic education learners around the country mainly in townships and rural areas. The department of basic education is gradually introducing the e-learning platforms this will require the learners to have a tablets in order to access the e learning platform. This will affect the learners based in rural areas because of the lack of infrastructure development. We are planning to donate one back to the learner through a very simple system, where buy for one back sold we donate one to the leaners in the most needy location.
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Our solution is packaged in a comprehensive product that most of us relate to and it has been around for millennia, a bag. The AEON Power Bag is an integrated consumer electronic product that charges the devices using a compatible USB of choice.

There are over 20 million smartphone users in South Africa that depends on the grid. A smartphone consume an average of 4.2 kw/h per year. The minimum of 20 million consumes 84MW/h per year, which costs R58 528 000.00c if one unit costs R0.70c. There is 45,528 tons of CO2 equivalent to 84MW/h emitted into the atmosphere per year from minimum smartphones excluding laptops and tablets.
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Mobile devices enhances our thinking capabilities and creativity to extend our visions and ideas to greater horizons.

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With our solution we will be able to provide power to tablets of school kids in rural areas. As one of the greatest leader said " Education is the key to success"
The AEON Technology proof of concept was developed and fabricated by Tshwane University of Technology Electronics sector
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