• LocationBaltimore, MD,  USA

Baltimore Dance Crews Project

Through hip-hop dance, we initiate and strengthen relationships that support youth from school to career.

The problem we aim to solve:

The average one-on-one youth-mentor relationship lasts five months. Students from low-income environments experience shorter mentorship relationships. In addition, 70% of students in Baltimore do not participate in an afterschool activity.

The solution our project offers:

Dance surrounds youth with a supportive community of peers, college students, and young professionals. Passion connects us, but its the relationships that elevate us.

The impact our project had so far:

We brought one-time programs to 9,000+ students last year and serve 200 students year round.

About the Baltimore Dance Crews Project

Through hip-hop dance, the Baltimore Dance Crews Project initiates and strengthens relationships that support youth from school to career.

BDCP creates opportunities for people to dance, especially youth. We dance because, above all, it is fun! By sharing the joys of dance, we elevate our world’s most important investment — our youth.

Our hip-hop programs strengthen relationships between people – student to student, student to teacher, youth to adult. When young people have positive relationships with peers and influential role models, academic achievement rises, healthy lifestyles are enriched, and youth leadership is unlocked.

We bring dance to YOU. Gyms, cafeterias, recreation centers, and school hallways have served as the backdrop for students to dance next to their classmates, their teachers, college students, young professionals, and their families. No matter participants’ skill level, our workshops will get people moving to music.

Passions, especially in the arts, can bring so many people together, but it is the relationships we have with each other that can lift us all.