Dine with Khayelitsha

Dine with Khayelitsha is a conversational dinner served with a treat of true African cuisine through themed dinners.

The problem we aim to solve:

Addressing the misconception about townships (‘hood); bridging social gaps; unemployment and little access to communication platforms.

The solution our project offers:

We provide a platform for people of different backgrounds to communicate & network. This reduces the divide and provides more clarity & insights about the ‘hood.

The impact our project had so far:

We've hosted 18 dinners reaching more than 450 guests. We're gradually changing the world.

Authentically bridging the social divides in South Africa, one dinner at a time.

One of the reasons we started Dine with Khayelitsha, was to bridge the huge divide between the haves and the not haves in SA. What’s a better way than having dinner and conversations in an authentic way.

Our Taxi dropping off guest who were picked up at the Central Library in Town.
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On the 16 September 2016 we will be having our 18th conversational dinner, we have gathered more than 450 guests Dining with Khayelitsha.

Image at one of the homes which was led by Craig from Ubuntu Bridges
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Our biggest highlight, was when, some of our parents or parent figures, told us: “If we carry on pushing positivity and working well as the Dine Team, indeed Dine with Khayelitsha, will happen in the (Brazilian) Favelas soon.”

one of the homes hosted by Craig Makosi
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Dine with Khayelitsha is the best conversational dinner to date, if you disagree, come and join us..
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If you wanted to find European tourists in Cape Town at sunset on a Friday, you would probably go to Camps Bay rather than Khayelitsha.

But a group of young men is aiming to change that, in the process bridging a gap far wider than the 36km that separates the sprawling township from the glitzy coastal strip.