A platform & movement for sustainable living

The problem we aim to solve:

People would like to consume & live more consciously but don't know how and where to start.

The solution our project offers:

We are curating an online directory of businesses & initiatives offering more conscious products & services to urban consumers. We have developed a unique methodology to select and rate businesses, and users can leave reviews. We also organize real world events to better connect the community.

The impact our project had so far:

Our directory contains over 120 businesses and is used by thousands of people monthly.

"The mission of Greenglasses is to empower people to change the world by starting with themselves. We think that consumers actually have great power to have an impact by ‘voting with our money’ every day, consuming less and choosing better. "

Jenny Day

The problem we aim to solve in detail

In recent years we have becoming increasingly aware of the impact of over-consumption on our planet – and we see this rise in consciousness happening globally. However, the average person often feels powerless to make a change. Even if we care deeply, we feel it is up to governments, corporations and NGOs to save us from the world’s problems. We want to stress that we all have the power to make a change by starting with our own lives and voting with our money.

The thing is, sometimes we don’t know how to start. While we know the products and services we buy are often harmful, we don’t always know where to find alternatives. Greenglasses is about making it easy to find less harmful ways of meeting our needs without compromising on style, convenience or price.

The impacts of over-consumption are felt both locally and globally
@ Greenglasses

Greenglasses aims to be a practical tool for sustainable living

  • In our directory we list businesses and initiatives that meet all your needs, from food to clothing.
  • So far we have profiled over 120 businesses in Prague, in every category of life, and our goal is to make our directory as comprehensive as possible.
  • We also profile projects that help people to reduce their consumption, be more self-sufficient and share.
  • We write articles in our blog to help curate content from our directory and highlight inspiring stories.
  • We also are planning on adding other services such as a section for green events, jobs and news.
The Greenglasses directory maps sustainable businesses in every category of life
@ Greenglasses

We are continuously developing and improving our methodology to select and assess businesses and initiatives

  • We have developed a detailed questionnaire asking businesses about key environmental, social and health criteria.
  • Only businesses meeting our core criteria are included in our directory.
  • Businesses do not pay to be included in our directory, to keep us independent.
  • We offer a space for user reviews so that our readers can comment and even disagree, because we believe consumer democracy is a powerful tool.
We make an effort to connect personally with our community
@ Greenglasses

"We think local movements can play a big role in gradually shifting our society towards more sustainable habits of consumption. That is our mission, and we invite you to join us. "

Aneta Hebrova

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