my Boo bamboo bikes

We build our bike frames together with our partner, the Yonso Project, a social project in Ghana.

The problem we aim to solve:

A good education, a secure job and social security aren't granted for everyone in Ghana.

The solution our project offers:

my Boo contributes to a more stable economy in Ghana. Our partner The Yonso Project works independently on site and is our supplier by sending us their bamboo frames. All of the gained proceeds in Ghana will be invested in scholarships and micro credits.

The impact our project had so far:

We started with only three young men in the Yonso project, now they have more than 20 employees and two other customers

Sustainable. Social. Unique


Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants in the world. After harvesting it grows again up to twenty meters within three years. Due to separate divisions and due to a thick exterior the Ghanaian bamboo is extremely stable and simultaneously lightweight. Perfect characteristics for bicycles. We build our frames together with our partner, The Yonso Project, a social project in Ghana. All of the gained proceeds in Ghana will be invested in scholarships and micro credits. The employees, in the meantime 20 persons, get a permanent employment with good perspectives and fair payment. Every my Boo is unique, - manufactured in Ghana during 90 hours of lovingly handwork. All of the bamboo bikes are mounted professionally in our manufactory in Kiel. The required metallic components like bottom bracket shells and steer tubes are delivered by Stiftung Mensch. This foundation conducts several workshops for people with and without handicap in northern Germany.

History of origins

In summer 2012 there came up the idea to produce ecological and socially sustainable bamboo bikes for the German market. At that time Niklas Juhl, one of Maximilian Schay’s close schoolmates, spent his Voluntary Year of Social Service near Kumasi, the second largest city in Ghana. There he came in contact with bikes made out of bamboo which were developed for the Ghanaian market. As he was spontaneously excited he told Maximilian, former business student and one of the founders, about his discovery. Jonas Stolzke, co-founder of my Boo, was also quickly convinced of the idea. After initial investigations and discussions my Boo was founded at the end of 2012.

the new model my Tano Deore - trekking bike 2017
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Launch phase

‘With bamboo for education’, - that’s the core of the concept. As a start-up we now combine young entrepreneurial spirit with social commitment. ‘For us it was clear that our product should contribute to social sustainability’ says Maximilian Schay. ‘We see ourselves more like a social business.’ In April 2014, after almost one and a half years of development time, the first my Boo bamboo bikes were officially presented. Since then not only the team has been growing but also the number of retailers in Germany and abroad. Furthermore from one year to the next we widen and improve our product portfolio. By now we are able to benefit from our experiences that we made in the past years. However we’re still learning continuously.

The advantages of my Boo bamboo bikes at a glance

Besides the re-growing resource, the social responsibility in the chain of production and the uniqueness, all of the my Boo bamboo bikes are at the cutting edge of technology. Our bamboo frames are put to the acid tests according to the EN standards for bicycles by a German testing institute. A high-quality lacquer coating, which is done in Germany, protects the frame from wind and weather. In our manufactory in Kiel two trained bicycle mechanics carry out the final assembly of the frames. We only install reliable and high-quality components. Every single my Boo is a unique one and can be set up to individual wishes and requirements.

my Pra - trekking bike 2017
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my Boo bamboo bikes - Sustainable. Social. Unique

The Yonso Project gives children a chance to get a good education
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