Philippi Music Project

Philippi Music Project is a music incubator offering a platform to musicians from Cape Town.

The problem we aim to solve:

The townships of Cape Town are full of creative and inspired musicians, but there is a huge lack of infrastructure.

The solution our project offers:

PMP is offering a platform to these artists, to record their music, promote it, connect with the industry and learn.

The impact our project had so far:

150 musicians interviewed to understand their needs, 15 organizations partnered on the project, ready to create impact

Philippi Music project (PMP) is a social project started in 2014 when Sibusiso Nyamakazi, a 24 year old writer, MC and musician involved in several social upliftment projects in and around his community of Philippi met with students in social innovation from the University of Cape Town.

We were stuck by the energy and the creativity of young artists in the townships, but dismayed by the inexistence of structure to record it and promote it.

From this need, Philippi Music Project was born with a simple an efficient vision: to harvest and develop the creativity of local musicians, to offer them a platform where they can learn, produce and exchange, and eventually connect this platform with the Cape Town Music ecosystem in order to bridge the gap between Cape Town’s wealthy centre and its townships.


Part 1 : the music contest

First we wanted to know more about these artists from the townships. In 2014, we decided to organize a music contest. Our goal was to produce a compilation of these amazing musicians from the townships, and to record it professionally.


But we wanted to do more than just just making an album, we wanted to provide skills using music as a language to get young artists involved in the process of creating, managing and marketing a music product.

Here is an interview of PMP on Cape Town TV in November 2014, when we were promoting the music contest.

We received more than 100 submissions in one month and our contest received a great media cover (TV, radio, shows), confirming the appetite for such a project.

We gathered a jury of professionals from the music industry in Cape Town such as producers and label managers. In December 2014, these professionals selected ten artists to be part of the compilation, named Reclaiming the Bass.

Here is a short selection of artists featuring on the Reclaiming the Bass compilation

Part 2 : the studio

At the beginning of 2015, we had already come up with this incredible compilation, ready to be recorded in a studio in Cape Town. This fueled our spirits to record this compilation in the townships and build a professional studio in Philippi, for the long-term benefit of many aspiring artists and not just for this compilation. We wanted to create a sustainable social impact instead of a once-off album.

So again, we actively went to meet the artists from the townships participating in all the events, jam sessions and workshops in order to get to know them better, understand the way they work, what they need and what they lack.

PMP target specificities

In February 2016, we found a location for the recording studio, a 12 meter long container located in a secured business hub called Philippi Village

The PMP studio location

We worked with a music studio designer and engineer to develop the plan of the studio and the budget for soundproofing the container and investment costs for professional and adapted studio gear

The plan of the Philippi Music Project Studio

Part 3 : the social business

But more than just a studio, we want to build a platform that connects Cape Town 's music industry and creates meaningful interactions between musicians, record labels, streaming platforms, venues, media and so much more.

Workshops, conferences, concerts, recording sessions will make this place a classroom to express creativity, connect people and learn from Music:

The PMP services

Through our platform and our services, we will impact the townships sustainably by empowering musicians and bridging the gap between Cape Town and its townships

The PMP yearly impact

Part 4 : You

Today, in April 2016

· we have seriously talented artists from the townships who want to use decent resources and learn through our platform

· we have a beautiful and secure location in a business hub situated at the heart of the townships of Cape Town

· we have developed a sustainable and social impacting venture

· we have built a network of technical and academic partners to facilitate workshops and link our platform to the music industry

· all we need to start and make this happen is your support.

If you believe music has the power to bridge a social gap, to create exchange, to empower people and to learn, then our project is yours




We need $18,000 to invest in all the professional gear needed for the studio (computer - mixer - mics - softwares - monitors - soundcards - cabling - furnitures…) and soundproof the container with basic materials such as firedoors, acoustic foan, drywall, neoprene…

If you are interested about having more detailed information about our business model and the investment budget, please feel free to contact us at