Today's Girls Tomorrow's Women

Creates a platform for conversation and interaction for tweens and teens on issues that affect their adolescence life

The problem we aim to solve:

It provides guidance and an opportunity for teens to discuss issues that they are unable to discuss with their parents. It enables them to make informed decisions around issues of sexuality, peer pressure and aims to help improve their self esteem, give a sense of belonging and decrease depression.

The solution our project offers:

It has opened communication lines between teens and their parents, has offered a "support base" for those that felt like they were the only ones dealing with the issues that they face daily and has provided coping mechanism to prevent bullying and teen depression.. a sisterhood has been formed.

The impact our project had so far:

A 10 year old bullied girl shared her story and how she coped, after our session she was brave enough to share on radio.

A stolen pic of notes made by one of the teens during one of the MB Lifestyle workshops
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Where curious minds cannot be prevented from engaging in experimental behaviours,they need to be equipped with the knowledge and intelligence to make smart choices…

MB Lifestyle teens enjoying a 3 course meal at Protea Hotel Waterfront after a workshop on Meal Etiquette
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Mbali Masina of MB Lifestyle after the initial meeting of sealing the relationship between Kgoledi ya Manka in Phuthaditjhaba and OBS Roald Dahl in Netherland
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