Wings of Angelz

Wings of Angelz is a social initiative that aims to make the world wheelchair friendly.

The problem we aim to solve:

There are approximately 70 million wheelchair users globally who constantly face difficulty in accessing public places. Shops, private buildings, restaurants, banks, buses, metro stations, play grounds, beaches etc. are difficult to access for a wheel chair bound because of stairs / loose sand.

The solution our project offers:

1. We build awareness by using different channels (Social Media, Awareness Events & Campaigns) 2. We identify places that don't have wheelchair access; request them to build one and support them with approvals, finding suppliers etc. till the ramp comes up.

The impact our project had so far:

We have successfully built over 500 ramps across 3 cities: Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Delhi (India).

Build a ramp, make the world wheelchair accessible.

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